It offers basic comfort for the crew. Maximum capacity is 7 people.

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It offers greater comfort for the crew. Max. capacity of 5 persons.

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It offers greater comfort for the crew. Equipment challenging.

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Why choose us?


  • Take advantage of our 10 brand-new boats.
  • You can choose from three options:Standard, Comfort, Premium
  • All boats are fully furnished, equipped with electricity, kitchen area,running water and toilet
  • Ships are very stable, easy-to-use (Motor Mercury 9.9 EL BF)
  • Fenced area, secured parking, arrive directly to the water

Unforgettable experience


A holiday spent on our houseboat you will surely remember for life. No matter if you’re a romantic,a lover of nature, or adventurous loner who seek peace, it can all be found right here. Regular maintenance of boatsby specialists ensure they meet all statutory requirements. Withourskills andlong experience, our company offers not only a unique product, but also first-class service dedicated to client satisfaction.










Do you desire a truly unique experience? Are you tired of the typical travel packages? Join the many adventurers who are not afraid to take a holiday literally in their own hands.

Free time is becomingmore precious everyday, and we have to know how to make the best of it. Whether it’s quality time spent with family, friends, or with a favorite hobby,we come back to our daily work refreshed and full of energy.

A holiday spent on our houseboat you will surely remember for life. No matter if you are a romantic, a lover of nature, or an adventurous loner who seeks peace,it can all be found right here.

Nothing leaves a person more refreshed and fully charged as a completecommunion with nature. Let yourself be carried away by the flowing stream and enchanting scenic views from refreshing angle. Wake up every day in a different place and discover a new land and its people. Do you long for peace and wish to relax in the company of a fishing rod?

Anchor in one of the empty bays, where nobody will disturb you.

The best thing about such rest and relaxation is that it’s up to you how you choose to spend your time. You are the master of your own direction. Do you fancy a long hike, a bike ride or picnic on the banks of the river? No problem! Nothing you will stop you from spending each day differently.