It offers basic comfort for the crew. Maximum capacity is 7 people.

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It offers greater comfort for the crew. Max. capacity of 5 persons.

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It offers greater comfort for the crew. Equipment challenging.

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About the company

The company Pavlis is truly a family business, started by a father and son together. In 1970,Jindřich Pavliš began working with metals, and have beensuccessfully operating a locksmith business since 1992. His son, Jan Pavlis, inherited skills from his father, but he was more attracted to woodwork. He founded a company in 1997, working with custom cabinetry, in the manufacturing of furniture, windows and doors.

Common interests, love of water, and the desire for adventure united both men, who built their very own houseboat in 2000. The first boat built to orderwas not long in the coming, and in 2006 it was completed and transferred to the owner. Since 2012, our company has expanded its scope to working with custom manufacture of boats, as well as operating and rentalof houseboats.

With our skills and long experience, our company offers not only a unique product, but also first-class service dedicated to client satisfaction.